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"Back in 1991 I was re-born in Buena Vista, Puerto Rico.  Since then,
Puerto Rico has become my homeland in heart and spirit.  The fresh Salsa
music pouring out of the 'caserios' & 'urbanizaciones' filled me with good
feelings and spirit.  Now it is Reggaetón that is doing the same.  

I've been listening to Reggaetón now for over 7 years, sometimes I must
admit not willingly at first - my friend's young son and I would fuss at times
over what to listen to on the radio while driving around the 'Isla de Encanto'
in the early days of Reggaetón.  I'd want to hear the Salsa station and he'd
want to hear the Reggaetón station.   Back then I could only listen to a little
at a time but now I am listening willingly and loving it.  

This love for Reggaetón has exploded into several ventures to help carry
Reggaeton around the world to share it with others who most certainly will
fall in love with it as well.

Most important to me is to help protect the Reggaetoneros from the Los
Angeles machine.  We need to work together because they are on the hunt
and hungry..."

Kory Lovre, President & Founder
Who's On First Productions, LLC
Copyright © 2006-2008, Who's On First Productions, LLC.  All rights reserved.
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Who's On First Productions

Reggaetón Around the  World
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds
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