Beaches near the house:

Punta Guilarte Beach (12 miles)
Directions:  Take Carr. 53 East (away from San Juan) - go 7
miles until the freeway ends and you are now on the main road
Carr. 54 through Guayama.  Go through about 5 lights passing
the hospital and McDonalds.  Eventually the road will turn to left
- get into the right lane and at the next intersection turn right
onto Carr. 3.  At the next stop light continue on straight (if you
turned right here onto Carr. 753 you'd head into the town of
Arroyo).  In about 2 miles you'll see a small road on the right
hand side with a log based arch with the word 'Guilarte' on it.  
This is the access road to the beach.  If you miss this road you
will come to a Y in the road which if you go right is a long bridge
(part of the future expansion of Carr. 53) and if you head
straight you end up in the town of Patillas.  Turn around and
look for the log arch again.  This beach is a pay beach during
the day but free at night (it may be closed on certain days - if so
just park nearby and walk in).  Camping is also available.

Patillas beach is also a public park - follow the same directions
as going to Arroyo beach but continue on to the Y in the road
and follow the Y to the right.  When the semi-freeway ends turn
to the right and follow the old road (Carr. 3) for another mile and
a half.  You'll pass a couple of good Seafood restaurants and
then the road will turn away from the Ocean - as it does you
need to turn right onto a small road that leads to the beach park.
 It is only a couple hundred feet down this road.  At this beach
there are lots of little huts selling cooked seafood and Puerto
Rican foods.  

There is no charge for this beach.

There is a roped off swimming area and the waves are gentle for
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