Events & Holidays in Puerto Rico
January/Enero 2014

1-31 Puerto Rico Winter League Baseball Season (completes)

1st New Years Day (CdePR & US holiday - most things closed)
Tradition is to stay up all night to see the new year in (not just to midnight) and to
be with family and friends.

6th Dia de Tres Reyes (Three Kings Day - the three wise men)
This is Puerto Rico's main Christmas celebratory day - it was the old
Christmas day before the calendar was changed which added 12 days -
this is where the 12 days of Christmas is derived.
(CdePR holiday - most things closed)

5-6 Fiesta de Reyes
Isabela - info call 787-819-6555 - this is the largest celebration
Re-enactments of the arrival of the Magi & other activities.
Also in
Florida, Humacao, Guanabo (near San Juan) & San Sabastian

11th Eugenio María de Hosto Birth (CdePR holiday)
15-17 Caribbean Market Place

17 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

(unknown) Festival Folklorico de Campo y Pueblo - Agua Buenas

20-23 Calle San Sebastan Street Festival -
Old San Juan
Don't miss this - it is Puerto Rico's Mardi Gras - the streets in Old San Juan are
jamb packed with festival parties. - younger crowd and young at heart.  Get there
early evening and stay until dawn.
Click image to see full picture
February/Febrero 2014

14th Valentine's Day (most things open)
The west island is known to shut off electricity to the area
between 5pm and 8pm so lovers must eat by candlelight.

19-21 Coffee Festival of Maricao (west island) (always the weekend &
Monday which is George Washington's Birthday - Presidents Day)
This is one of my favorite festivals on the island - it is a very beautiful area so
plan to go early just to drive around to see the views.  Parking is difficult so get
there early and plan to stay until late in the night enjoying free coffee, artesian
stands and great free music - bring your own portable seats.
For info contact Municipal de Maricao 787-838-2280 (Damaris - Espanol, Sabo -

21 - President's Day (CdePR & US Holiday)

25-27 Coffee Festival of
Yauco (west island)

18 Luis Muñoz Marin Birth (celebrated with Presidents Day)
Isla de
Puerto Rico
March/Marzo 2014

Festival de la China Dulce - Las Marías

03-08 Carnaval de Ponce (40 days before Passover - lent period)

11th Daylight Savings Time begins (Not in PR - only US)

22nd Emancipation Day (CdePR holiday) - slavery abolished 1893
Ponce Spring Break
Boriquens celebrating esprin break 2003 Justa X @ Club Rumba   Puerto Rico 2003
April/Abril 2014

16th José de Diego Birth (CdePR holiday)

18th-24th Semana Santa (Holy Week - always the whole week prior
to Easter Sunday) - Schools and colleges closed,
Spring break, big party in

22th Good Friday (Friday before Easter) (PR holiday)
(most things close early)

24th Easter Sunday (most things closed)

??? - Kite Festival -(People have died doing this one - string cuts)

??? - Festival Volantín -

Carving Competition - Hormigueros
Local Area
May/Mayo 2014

8th Mothers Day (Sunday - most things closed)
Puerto Ricans really take this day seriously

Festival del Tejido (Island Knitting) -

Summer Festival - Aguadilla

30th Memorial Day (CdePR & US holiday)
Mango Festival
June/Junio 2014

1st - HURRICANE SEASON BEGINS (hold your hats) ends Dec 1st

Festival Mundillo (Lace Festival) -

Triathalon Rincon - Rincon

Mango Festival - Mayagüez

17th Father's Day (most things closed)

24th Día de San Juan Bautista - Patron Saint of the Island and
the islands namesake -
yes, Puerto Rico is San Juan and
San Juan is Puerto Rico - big celebration in San Juan - everyone is at the
beach until midnight when they must walk backwards into the ocean X number
of times to get rid of evil spirits (they must get soaked in the water)
mayaguez house campo dulce
Isla de
Puerto Rico
July/Julio 2014

4th Independence Day (CdePR & US holiday - most things closed)
4th Don Luis Muñoz Rivera Birth (CdePR holiday)
Actual birthday is 15th but celebrated along with 4th of July

Antique Toy Festival - Isabela

Classic Auto Show - Isabela

8-13 Novena a la Virgen del Carmen Rosado - Aguadilla

Hammock Festival - San Sebastían

23-29 Salsa Congress - San Juan

25th Constitution Day (CdePR holiday)

27th José Celso Barbosa Birth (CdePR holiday)
Local Area
August/Augusto 2013

Beach Time
September/Septiembre 2013

6th Labor Day (CdePR & US holiday) (some things closed)

12th Añasco Triathlon - Añasco

23rd Lares Revolt - Lares

Yuca Festival - Isabela
Isla de
Puerto Rico
October/Octubre 2013

12th Columbus Day (CdePR & US holiday) (some things closed)

Corozal Plantain Festival

Festival del Chipe -

International Light Tackle Tournament - Cabo Rojo

22nd-24th Yuca Festival - Isabela

31st Halloween - Guayama Ciudad de las Brujas (City of Witches)
November/Noviembre 2013

Puerto Rico Winter League Baseball Season (begins)

7th Daylight Savings Time ends (Not observed in PR - only US)

11th Veteran's Day (CdePR holiday)

19th (always) Discovery Day Parade - Aguada

19th Discovery of Puerto Rico (Borinquen) Day (CdePR holiday)
Christopher Columbus (Don Cristóbal Colón) landed near
Aguada on the northwest coast of Borinquen on his second
voyage to India (he missed again).

Carnaval (eating of the flesh) Aguadilla

25th Thanksgiving Day (CdePR & US holiday)
Local Area
December/Diciembre 2013

Puerto Rico Winter League Baseball Season (continues)

24th Noche Buena (Christmas Eve - CdePR holiday)
(most things closed)

25th Día de Navidad (Christams Day - CdePR & US holiday)
(all things closed) Not celebrated like in US - Puerto Rico still celebrates
the old Christmas day before the calender was change which was on Jan
6th (but now has moved in other countries to Jan 5th but Puerto Rico hasn't
moved theirs).  Christmas in Puerto Rico starts at the 1st of December and
ends on January 17th.  It is full of celebrations and carolers going from
house to house (

28th Hatillo Mask Festival -

31st Año Viejo (New Year's Eve - CdePR holiday) (most things closed)
Isla de
Puerto Rico
Local Area

Sundays - Festival La Casita - San Juan
Live music and dance shows take place at Darsenas Plaza - San Juan (787) 721-2891

Patron Saint Festivals -
each Pueblo in Puerto Rico (there are 78) has its own Patron Saint Festival
each year.  They are spread throughout the year (except December) and sometimes there will be two
going on in different parts of the island during the same week.
Click the link to find out where and when they all are.

1st Tue - Gallery Nights
30 art galleries open their doors from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. in Old San Juan

Heineken Jazz Festivals - see their web site for more info
Old San Juan
Hormigueros Typical Home
Local Area
Isla de
Puerto Rico
Salsa Congress
Agua Buenas Festival de
Salsa, Bomba y Plena
Local Area
Fiestas Patronales 2013
Fiestas Patronales 2014